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Teak Carpet
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At Sea 2 Sky Upholstery we can bring a sense of class to any boat with the installation of Teak Carpet.

Lay in, snap down, Velcro or screw down. we can make it to your needs and wants.

Now Available in 10 Colors!  6.5ft OR 13ft Wide. The lines run the Length for example a 13ft wide by 20ft long piece will have lines running 20ft long. All sizes and colors $7.50 per square ft (13 ft W=$292.50 per yrd).  We can also cut and bind from your template or old carpet @ $3.50linear ft.

Absolutely the very best All-weather Carpet for your boat deck or entertaining area, internal or external.  Also suitable for walkways and docks, indeed any location when a tough synthetic inside/outside carpet structure is needed to give the most pleasing aesthetics to your boat, car, caravan and home. 

The demand for a pleasant looking, durable truly marine all weather carpet is understandable given the advantages it brings in temperature and sound insulation, the ease with which a synthetic carpet can be cleaned, and the cost comparison with traditional boat and outdoor floor coverings such as cork and teak. Teak Carpet looks and feels like real carpet because it is!!!

Teak Carpet is a product which surpasses all requirements for a specialist outdoor/marine carpet. Not only does it perform but it will enhance the looks of any application in which it is used.

PRECAUTIONS. Strong chemicals, acids and petroleum may affect the appearance of the product.
DRY METHOD. If the material is dry, best way to maintain the carpet is to vacuum the product, preferably with a power head vacuum or a normal suction vacuum as this will remove any dirt or foreign matter from the product. Preferably a power head vacuum will lift the pile of the carpet ensuring a longer lifespan. In loose lay installations the backing should also be vacuumed periodically. 
WET METHOD. If a wet/hosing method is desired, a quick hose off with fresh water will generally keep the Carpet clean. Periodically the Carpet should be maintained by using a solution of warm water and mild household detergent. Firstly soak the Carpet with the solution for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water on both front and back of the material. ( when using wet method. The carpet should be left in open air to dry)
STAIN REMOVAL. Depending on the application it Is always important to act quickly to remove stains efficiently in the preceding manner. If It is able to be wet use some mild household detergent and water and lightly rub the solution into the affected area allowing it to soak for two or three minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water. If It cannot be wet either use a branded carpet spot cleaner as directed or the above method which once rinsed should be dabbed dry to remove excess water. 

Marine & Outdoor Carpet Specifications and Warranty
Product specifications:
Pile fibre:                 
100% Marine grade SDPP BCF Fibers with maximum UV inhibitors  added
Primary Backing:    
Marine grade Polypropylene/Specifically developed adhesives
Secondary Backing:   
Marine grade Polypropylene/Specifically developed adhesives
Nominal Width:    Available in 13ft, 6ft6inches (+/- 0.5%)
Total Weight:      1400gm/sqmtr (+/-10%)
Wear Rating:       Marine/Domestic  Heavy Duty
                       Commercial  Light Duty
Test Standards:   
- Fire Test ASISO 9239.1
- Automotive light fastness test SAE-J1885 
- Color fastness to salt water AS2001.4.E02(AS ISO105.E02)
- Color fastness to light ISO 105.B02
- Color fastness to chlorine AS2001.4.11

Limited Warranty

Teak Carpet and its Manufacturer Marine Tuft has taken every step to ensure this carpet is of the highest possible quality including having the finished product rated by a leading Australian based textile testing facility (AWTA). AWTA provides results on a 1 to 8 scale where 8 is the maximum attainable. Marine/outdoor carpet manufactured by Marine Tuft has attained a rating of 7 – 8 for resistance to UV Degradation, Color Retention and exposure to Salt Water. It is possibly the highest rated Polypropylene carpet available. However, Australian and also parts of the USA marine/outdoor conditions are regarded as some of the harshest in the world and no conditioning will completely prevent some reaction to constant exposure to direct sunlight. Some color change should be expected if these conditions are to be endured. Notwithstanding, the construction of the carpet should not degrade however severe the exposure. 

This product is resistant to staining from most materials but will not withstand heat in excess of 130 degrees C, either from direct application or radiation. Claims where the yarn has clearly melted from excessive heat from any source will not be accepted.

The product warranty covers excessive wear, UV degradation, and excessive fading. Claims for failure of the product to meet our expectations in these respects will be dealt with on a pro-rate basis (100% first year-50% final year) over the periods listed below. Any claim for failure of the backing which is recognized as valid by Marine Tuft will be fully honored for the full appropriate period of the warranty. 

In all warranty matters Teak Carpet reserves the right to accept or deny claims or vary the amount of any accepted settlement regardless of circumstances. Teak Carpet also reserves the right to inspect any product which is the object of a claim prior to accepting that claim as valid.

Warranty: 2 years. (1st year material and installation, subsequent year, material only)


All claims must be processed back through the original chain of supply and be supported by the relevant invoicing. Teak Carpet requires a sample of the faulty product such that research can be carried out to prevent future occurrences of any product fault.
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